About Us

We have experience developing solutions for small- and mid-size to large (Fortune 1000) firms for over 25 years.

When your business is on the line, experience counts. StreamLan provides experience and know-how from many years of success with top firms. Saving hundreds of man hours and dramatically increasing sales is what we do on a regular basis. We work with clients focused on producing serious shareholder profits.



StreamLan started helping clients in the 1980's with new solutions to their business needs.

Our team experience includes a diverse list of company sizes and industries including: Banking/Finance, Distribution, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Services.

StreamLan continues to make weekly progress on solutions that clients need to make an impact in their industry.

Previous projects include these industry leaders: Akzo-Nobel, Aperture, Brown-Forman, Ford, Full Circle Registry, GE, Grand Lodge of Kentucky (Masons), International Harvester, Jones Lang Lasalle, KFC (Yum Brands), Kroger, KYK Marketing, McDonalds, National City Bank, Nestle Foods, PNC Bank, Rail, Barge & Truck, ResCare, River City Bank, Toyota, UPS Teamsters, and more.


Whether you are a Fortune 1000 firm or a Small-Business, we treat all clients with respect.

Projects are completed in this manner:

  • Regular, client communication & work progress is our #1 priority
  • Better specifications = better estimates
  • First in, first out

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